The Spine section allows you to visualise and perform simple, easy and comfortable exercises to recover a healthy back and body. It also gives you access to the Mesers website to help you to understand the method’s essential elements. Download (free) the acrobate reader files useful for the exercises and tests understanding. Buy the needed equipment online.
In addition, therapists will find useful information on how and where to learn the Mesers method.

Explanation of the 3 Key Exercises for a Healthy Back are available through an acrobate reader file and/or a video. Another acrobate reader file is available for the 5 for fit module.

The Tests section provides access to acrobate reader files of the Mesers method tests (tests in the paying module). With only a few clicks you can carry out the tests that allow you to objectify the state of mobility of your back and entire body.
It allows therapists and those knowledgeable to diagnose the initial state of mobility before and after a workout, back surgery or a serie of exercises or special training.
It contains 7 mobility tests. It can record patients’ basic data, photo data and transfer those information.

The Basic Test allows you to visualise the general state of the back (pain, stiffness, alignment.) The Side Bending Test Before and After allows you to view a slope before and after treatment, exercises or surgery. The Suspended Extension Test Before and After, allows you to visualise back extension before and after treatment, exercises or surgery. The Scoliosis Analysis Test allows you to view the horizontal state of the back when in flexion and visualise the absence or presence of left or right gibbosity. The Angles Test allows you to measure the body’s joint angles.

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