This method is aimed at restoring mobility in the stiff areas of the back (mainly the thorax) to relieve the painful areas (mainly the cervical and lumbar)

After consulting with your certified therapist M.E.S.E.R.S, adding this method with back treatments (physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy) gives a better and stabilized results.

Our locomotive system needs a constant and regular movement powered by breathing in order to carry out its function. Any prolonged decline or excess movements are harmful to this system.

These three exercises help to fight against degeneration of the intervertebral disc caused by prolonged sitting and/or the carrying of excessive loads (physical and / or emotional).

Stress areas of the back

The spinal is subjected to vertical stress, prolonged sitting and / or physical and / or emotional loads. The spine area becomes stiff with time.

Areas relieved by 3 keys

The back will be heated, stretched and stabilized by the 3 key exercises and a painless movement will be regained in no time.



Discover our Eight modules

The MESERS therapeutic session is proposed during loss of movement. And it is done by a qualified therapist who has completed the MESERS training.

Spine & Tests are an Apple and Android application for performing exercises and carry out tests that evaluate the improvements of back movement during a therapy or specific exercises.

MESERS essential 3 keys are the 3 therapeutic exercises for alleviating and improve back movement.

MESERS Kit is composed of a pulley and a roller, that allows you to carry out a pleasant and effective therapeutic exercise and those for the strengthening of 5 for fit.

MESERS Theoretical Course (with duration of about 50 minutes) is given to patients by a certified MESERS therapist. This course explains how to keep a healthy back and providing support for the exercises.

The 10 MESERS practical courses (10x approx. 50 min.) Are offered to patients who desire to improve their health through movement exercises and and strengthening exercises which are carried out in MESERS school.

5 min for fit is a series of 10 exercises to strengthen your body in 5 minutes a day preserving your back.
They are realized with the kit MESERS.

The MESERS training for therapists is reserved for physiotherapists, osteopaths and doctors who want to offer an active and very effective approach to their patients.




Sports testimonial

Amateur Swimmer, made a 28 km, swimming from Morges – Nyon and 50 km from Lausanne – Geneva for the association « www.reves-­‐ » for children with serious pathologies.
Before calling for our body’s to make efforts, it is natural to let our body function smoothly.
This method allows me to get back on foot faster after a long day of sports or work.
The exercises are easy to perform and very effective. They helped me to overcome my long hours of training on a daily basis (sometimes up to 16h per week).
I practice the M.E.S.E.R.S. exercise method every day to maintain my results and improve my fitness.
Mr.  Thémis  Lianetis

Patient Testimonial

Ever since i completed the M.E.S.E.R.S. key exercise method on a daily basis, My back and shoulders have been maintained
Despite the stress of work.
Ref: 204675
My back pain disappeared after 3 weeks of daily practice of the 3 keys exercises. I highly recommend this method to all my friends.
Ref: 204423
There have been a clear progression of my shoulders despite of my regular sitting position and the stress of my office work.
Ref: 201536
Quick relief of my pains with these three essential exercises, I can not do without the roller and the pulley.
Ref: 200990


This booklet has been designed for patients who have been followed by a certified M. E. S. E. R. S. therapist. Each exercise must be adapted to the age, pathology and his/her level of competence.

Only the strict compliance with the order of the exercises, instructions, dosage and the daily practice of these allows for optimal results.

A M.E.S.E.R.S. ® therapeutic consultation and preliminary training of the method by a certified therapist are essential before archiving them.

These sheets are copyright protected. Any use outside the strict limits of copyright law without the latter consent is prohibited and may be subject to legal action.

This prohibition also applies to photocopies, translations, microfilming and use through any intermediary technology resources.


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